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InfoPad - A must have app to manage your personal information


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Mar 22, 2013
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InfoPad - The ultimate personal information center

Finally, the most effective/intuitive/highly customizable app to manage all kind of your information has come to the world. Let manage your information the way you want with your own data structure. InfoPad lets you define your own content types that form/structure your information. Forget about putting your important information into a plain/boring note app; however put your information into a structured format.

AppStore: https://itunes.apple.com/app/infopad-ultimate-personal/id629215951?ls=1&mt=8
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Key features:

  • Security is our top priority, your data is always safe in any cases
  • Able to manage all kind of information with defined structure
  • Define your own custom content type that you would like your data structure to be
  • Able to define fields for a content type with many data type like Text, Note, Number, Date, Time, Date & Time, Month/Year, E-mail, Phone, Hyper Link, Choice
  • Able to define a lookup field with custom values
  • Able to reorder the fields to display
  • Able to hide a field from display form
  • All items on screen can be re-ordered
  • There are lots of icons that you can choose for your content type & list
  • Copy your information to iPhone Clipboard
  • Quickly E-mail, Message your information
  • Each field data type has its own keyboard and actions like E-mail, Go to a Link, Call a phone number or Message to a number…
  • Able to bookmark your information that you would like to frequently/quickly access
  • Your information is automatically/safely backed up to Cloud.
  • Auto-Lock keeps your data/information protected even if your device was lost or stolen. We applied the most innovative and safe passcode lock to this app.
  • Lots of pre-defined content type included in the app like ToDo Task, Bank Account, Credit Card, Web Account, FTP Account, Driver License, Hotel, Instance Messenger Account, Web Link, License Key, Simple Contact, Meeting Room, Public Phone, Class, Course, Generic Account, E-mail Account, Frequent flyer and so on
  • Beautiful/Clean/Intuitive User Interface design to help you quickly familiar with this app
  • Quick Help feature helps you familiar with the app quickly
  • Full retina display support
  • Full IPhone 5 display support
  • There are lots more features that you may want to explorer
Please give this app a try and let us know your feedback! You can send your feedback right in the app.



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