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Joel Mapes

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Nov 6, 2014
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Livonia, MI
Good morning, and a happy Thursday to y'all. The name is Joel, and my iPhone 6 Plus arrived this past Monday. Thoroughly enjoying it, and figured I'd join an iPhone forum, for any advice on tricks and such.
Hi, welcome to the forum!
Forum Rules…….Please read and respect our rules
remember…."search" is your friend…..Poisonivy….Administrator.
Welcome to iPhoneForums and ConGrats on your new iPhone 6+...ENJOY
Welcome to iPhone Forums Joel Mapes! We're glad you chose our forum to join. Our worldwide membership will be glad to help out with any questions or problems you may have.

I received my iPhone 6 plus three and a half weeks ago and can say that you will definitely enjoy your new iPhone.
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Hi! Hoy can i introduce a new conversation, or topic
Hi! Hoy can i introduce a new conversation, or topic
Choose the forum where you want to post, open it. At the top, you'll find this:

Tap it to start a new thread/topic. Enter a thread title and your text, then post it.