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New Leaked Photos Claim to Show the Backplate of the Upcoming iPhone 6


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Nov 27, 2012
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It looks that it's getting harder and harder for Apple to maintain the secrecy surrounding its upcoming products, as we're seeing new leaks very often. The above leaked photos have been made public by well-known leaker Sonny Dickson. These appear to show the backplate of the upcoming iPhone 6.

According to Dickson, who published them on his Twitter account, the photos were obtained from a source with access to the part, and they do appear to be legitimate. The first photo shows a close-up view of the cutouts for the camera, a circular True Tone flash, rear microphone, and Apple logo. The second photo shows the full view of the rear panel and features identical wear and tear. By the looks of it, the design seems on par with previous leaks, so maybe we'll get to see it in reality on September 9th.

Source: SonnyDickson
Just can't wait.......August is going very slowwwwly.