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New iPhone Moulds Leak


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Jun 18, 2010
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New iPhone 8 moulds leak.JPG

BGR writes today about some new iPhone image leaks that emerged over the weekend that contradict each other about where the fingerprint sensor is located.

The first, and the more genuine-looking, leak is a series of images of metal moulds for the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, and iPhone 7s Plus. Posting the images on Twitter, Benjamin Geskin said “Touch ID in power button or display. (99% NOT on the back).”

However, SlashLeaks also posted an image over the weekend that came from China and that is said to be an iPhone 8 document sourced by Foxconn. The image that accompanies this document appears to show a rear cutout that would most likely be for a rear-sited Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

While there’s no way of knowing for sure until Apple actually makes an official announcement about the next iPhone, it’s likely that the Geskin leaked image is actually the more current one, and very possible that the document that SlashLeaks posted is from earlier in the production process, when Apple was known to have been considering placing the fingerprint sensor on the rear of the phone.

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Grey fingernail polish, hey. That's a clue as to his is leaking the photos. Nobody but Apple and Trump get as bent our of shape about rumors :)