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New iPhone Cloth app keeps track of your wardrobe


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May 27, 2010
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Some people like to have a lot of clothes. Some like to buy clothes, but never manage to keep track of them. And some just love spending hours and hours in the wardrobe trying a million of things out, just for laughs. But not everybody has so much time on their hands. Here’s were the Cloth brand new app, comes in to become your fashion consultant and beauty adviser. Cloth app helps you keep track of your huge wardrobe. Gone are the days when you can’t remember which outfit you wore to the office last week, or which blouse went with the red top at the summer dance night. So basically Cloth is designed to track your outfits – everytime you ware something, snap a picture of it and with the help of the app you’ll thus be able to store it as a reference. After you take the pics, add some tags and make some notes about it.

So when you have that neat meeting with your girlfriends next time, you can use the inspiration from fashionable days past by scrolling through the Feed tab or by selecting a certain category in the Wardrobe section. Cloth costs just 2 shiny bucks and can be downloaded immediately from the Apple App Store (hold that thought, you can now get it for just one buck, because it’s on sale for a limited amount of time). The app was designed by editor Seth Porges and his stylish girlfriend fashion designer Miss Wray Serna, in the hope of teaching people to dress better.

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