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Sep 29, 2010
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Hi, i understand there aint a Jailbreak yet for 4.1..

But when 1 does come up, when i backup my phone in itunes, will it still backup all the apps i purchase and anything i get from cydia? can i then restore back if i get a problem (not to apple software) to jailbroken version, or will it just restore to apple default then i have to jailbreak again?

I dont need my phone unlocked, as im happy with it locked to O2, does it matter then what baseband my phone is using? and is it easy to jailbreak?, heard a few horror stories of phone being bricked, and people getting password etc

Sorry for all the questions, any help would be greatful

Usually it's a pretty simple process.. But it's always a risk you take if you want jailbroken. iTunes will only backup official iTunes apps so your on your own when it comes to re-downloading your cydia apps&tweaks.
Thanks for the reply Dannyboy..

1 more question, maybe wrong place to ask, but seeing as im running 4.1... on O2 network, is there anyway to downgrade the firmware to a version that can be jailbroken?