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New iPhone 4 Bold Case Announced


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Aug 4, 2010
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iVogue is pleased to announce a new iPhone 4 case to our store, the iPhone 4 Bold. Nine striking bold and vibrant colours make your iPhone 4 really stand out from the crowd.



Other colours include blue, pink, magenta, purple, yellow, green and white.

Visit http://www.ivogue.co.uk today and order yours.
Will you deliver the bold case to Australia at same cost? (6.99??)
I'd be keen on afew of these as well,(black, yellow, purple ,white, now the question is shipping to Sydney 2000 Australia. Pm me with cost
Postage costs are the same no matter where in the world you are. They are added on at checkout.

Hope that helps!

iVogue iPhone Cases
i been having the ebay version of this. well actually it might even be the same. it was very hard to put on, the sides were too tight, but thats also because my phone has the cf vinyl on the sides and back. regardless it looks really good.
I'm sorry to read you had problems with inferior products from Ebay. I can't help with that I'm afraid. Thankfully we've had no problems with any of the iPhone 4 Bold cases fitting and they have been very well received.

so it delivers world wide? even to cyprus? there are a few things i want to buy
I got these case off eBay. I'm not also sure if it these are eBay ones, but it sure does look like it 100%

It fits well, but the only problem is that it may be too tight that it can scratch your sides while putting them on.

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