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Jun 27, 2010
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Hey all!

I've been an avid blackberry user for years.. Always wanted an iPhone, but never wanted to give up my blackberry. After a year and a half with my storm 1, having to do at least 1 battery pull per day, constant freezing, and having apps that don't like to play nice together, I said screw it. I'm going to cancel my current plan (hopefully before i start a new billing cycle), pay the ETF, and transfer over to ATT.

Hopefully on Tuesday I can pick up the new iPhone.. And I'm sure I'll have plenty of questions..

I've never dealt with attempting to get a phone so soon after it releases.. What method of attack should I go at to make sure I get one on the 29th?

I live in a college town, so most of the people have left town for summer.. I live 10 minutes from the AT&T store.. Should I pop over a few hours prior to their opening with my lawn chair and a cooler?
Welcome to the site. I am also switching from Verizon hoping to get my iPhone 4 before the new billing cycle. I actually sold by Droid on eBay last week hoping Best Buy would fill my pre-order on launch day. But I am going to try and make it to AT&T Tuesday morning to get one.
Welcome to the forum! Rare to see an avid blackberry user make the switch to the iPhone :)!
Welcome to iPhone4Forum.net! It might be worth a shot to call or stop by today and see how their stock is looking. I'm planning on doing the same today.
You will be impressed! I think it's the main reason people switch... Apps just simply work...no random freezing.... :) enjoy!
I stopped in today, and they told me they could have 7 or 300. the ATT rep wouldn't gove me an idea as to how many was in stock. I popped over at midnight, and no campers yet. I'm gonna head back over in am hour (2:00am) and set up for the wait them. There suppose to open at 7 so I'm gonna have a hefty wait on my hand. I'm actually typing this on my blackberry right now so hopefully in a few short hours ill be able to put my sledgehammer to the storm lol.
Well, an update. I called last week to find out if I would need a security deposit. I was told I wouldn't need one. I'm the first wave in to the store, enough money set aside for the 16 gig iPhone. They run my application, to find out I need a $150 security deposit. Being a broke college student, I didn't have an extra $150 laying around. So I left the store, very angry, after waiting 5 hours outside. I go home, move some money around, call and tell them I'm coming back to the store, and I have the money moved.

They tell me they have already sold out, and I get a reserve ticket for after noon sometime. Fantastic. Not only have I been up since 10 am yesterday, I get to stay up till whenever fed ex drops off a shipment.
Well, Just got back from ATT.. And I love it. Its amazing. I'm glad I bought it.