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Aug 13, 2010
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Hi all

Just picked up my iphone 4, so far It doesn't recognise my sim card even though its NOT a network locked phone. My sim works perfectly in my girl friends phone (we bought them together) but in mine nothing.
When I plug it into itunes it comes up with an error "The sim card in this phone does not appear to be supported".

Can anyone please help me...............

Much appreciated
welcome to the forum! sounds like you have a locked phone if its coming up with that message
If it really is a unlocked phone I might try it the other way around and test out another sim card. If you get the same message I would be calling apple for some support.
exactly as danny said. but then again it should of worked with the other sim instead of saying about not recognised sim or whatever the msg was
is your gf's phone an iPhone too? Maybe you have one of the old sims that aren't smartphone enabled?...

I have tried my sim in her phone and it all works perfectly, also tried her sim in mine and it doesn't work. Was on the phone with apple support last night for 2 hours back and forward. They came to the conclusion it was some how locked to a London based network during the activation.
apparently the engineers are dealing with it and I will apparently receive a call on Monday telling me how to sort it all out.
What a mission. Will let everyone know the outcome shortly hopefully.