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Oct 26, 2012
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If you ask most developers, they will tell you that developing for Android is an absolute nightmare. Way too many phones running way too many different sets of hardware, screen sizes and versions of the operating system. The open platform also makes it a pirates dream.

The beauty of the iPhone is, pretty much everybody is running on the exact same version of iOS and there are only a few different sets of hardware specs that people are using. This makes developing our apps so much better than on Android.

Another thing developers like better about iOS is that we actually pay for apps. I have read a few different articles from developers claiming that many Android users do not want to pay for anything.

Another problem and back to my point about too many different specs, developers who put their heart and soul into making bad content are getting many bad reviews from people who don't understand that their phones that only support Froyo and Gingerbread are not going to run the newer software nearly as well as Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean on a much better phone. Budget providers like Metro PCS and Cricket make the matters I am talking about all that much worse with all their crap phones made by ZTE, Huawei and even low end Samsung's.

My friend just brought over his first Smart Phone which is a Samsung Admire from Metro PCS. First thing I tried to check on was, is he able to upgrade to a newer OS. Not a chance and he is stuck on Gingerbread. Then I installed some apps for him including a knock off of Siri named EVI (available on IOS as well), hoping he could have a good experience even on a budget phone. On my 4s, EVI runs great. Not all the options of Siri but still pretty impressive. On his phone, I could hardly use the thing. I didn't have the heart to tell him his phone was a POS and just told him it was an OK phone. It's just sad that he paid more for it than I did my 4S. Now his phone bill might be a little cheaper but not by much. He could have at least got a sprint plan and an iPhone 5 or at least a 4S with a slightly higher bill with his wife's discount.

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