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New app “iKlassnik” for russian social network “Odnoklassniki.ru”


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Dec 18, 2010
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SIA “iTIR Solutions” has just released client application “iKlassnik” for the social network “Odnoklassniki.ru” which is well known in Russia and CIS. Unlike other client applications on iTunes Store for “Odnoklassniki.ru”, which are all around makeup of mobile version of social network, this application uses social networks open API to accomplish user information requests. Currently all the functions available through API are implemented in application.
“iKlassnik” v1.0 currently has the following functionality:

- Viewing personal profile.
- Changing and adding personal status.
- Viewing personal photos and albums.
- Browsing your friends.
- Viewing online friends.
- Quick search of friends.
- Viewing a friend's profile.
- Viewing friends of your friend.
- Viewing mutual friends.
- Viewing photos of your friend.
- Saving the photo on the iPhone.
- Sending and receiving messages.
- Viewing Guests who visited your profile.
- Viewing birthdays of your friends.

Application “iKlassnik” successfully tested on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4G.

Application “iKlassnik” is compatible with iOS 4.x.

Application “iKlassnik” free.

Download from AppStore.