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Application "Russian Names" for iPhone


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Nov 30, 2010
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SIA "iTIR Solutions" presents you a new unique application for iPhone users - "Russian Names". This application is specially designed for moms and dads who are expecting child and want to choose a beautiful name with rich meaning for their baby. Application also will interest and delight intelligent people who want to know the meaning of their names. Application "Russian Names" has a huge database of names occurring in Russia and the CIS, with a convenient searching through the database, as well as modification options like adding and deleting entries, publishing the name you like to the Facebook social network.
Information about the application, "Russian Names":

- A huge database of names occurring in Russia and the CIS.

Features of the application:

- List of the all names sorted in alphabetic order, also categorizable by the sex;
- Viewing the meaning of the name;
- Adding names those are not in database;
- Removing names you don't like;
- Quick and easy search;
- Publishing names you like on the Facebook.

Application "Russian Names" is free.
Download from AppStore

Application "Russian Names" is compatible with iPhones running iOS 4.x

View and learn the meaning of names in a convenient application specially designed for you.

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