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My iPhone 6 Plus Review


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Sep 22, 2014
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Now in my hands, I can say that iPhone 6 is single handedly the greatest smartphone to come out since the 1st iPhone. It’s perfect.

First off, the question EVERYONE asks… "Is it too big"? Answer: No. I have medium sized hands and it fits like an extension of my hand. It’s like a lightsaber or magical wand or something. Do I have to stretch one-handed? Only when I’m typing with one hand. The rest of the “one-handed” features are just brilliant. Ugly implementation, but brilliant.

Next question: "Is it bulky in my pocket"? Answer: Not at all. I do not feel like I’m lugging anything around.

Just how fast is it? OH, IT’S FAST. The biggest and most surprising is my Wifi AC connection. I bought an Apple Airport Extreme AC Wifi Router a year ago in preparation of this day (seriously I did)… and to be honest I wasn’t expecting much - BUT FINALLY, the iPhone has caught up with Desktop surfing. My biggest example is downloading apps from the app store and surfing the net. It’s lightning fast and never has it been this fast before. I am shocked, and very VERY happy. It’s so dang fast! Perhaps I feel this excited because I’m coming from a 4S. I suppose this day was 3 years in the making.

Seriously, how beautiful is it? iOS is hands down the best “all around” mobile OS ever, and iOS 8 being built for the iPhone 6, is a perfect marriage. Have I noticed bugs? Not really, no. Everything works and works quick and perfect (so far). The screen and iOS 8 is just gorgeous on this phone. Because the screen is 5.5 inches, the display is perfect and you see a lot of it.

My favorite feature? Right now it’s the iOS 8 usage on the 6 Plus vs. the other iPhones. It’s kinda like an iPad in some regards and I LOVE that. The keyboard in landscape is AWESOME, because it has more dedicated buttons - no more clicking that “123” button. The browser (Safari) is like the iPad browser in landscape. No matter where I’m at, if I’m in landscape, everything else is too. So if I click the home button whilst surfing the net, my home screen is landscape. Multi-tasking, landscape. Email, like the iPad, landscape. Messager, like the iPad, landscape. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying that.

Well it replace the iPad Mini? Unfortunately I think so. I say that with much regret. I LOVE MY MINI, but the 6 Plus is like an iPad Mini “Mini”. Superior camera, nearly identical screen size when watching 6:9 movie, important apps are like the iPad’s, easier to tote around, can make calls natively with it, perfect screen… yeah, I think it’ll replace the Mini. I LOVE MY IPAD, but IF I get new one one day, it’ll be the full size version. I guess I should phrase it like this, IF you have an iPad Mini and get a 6 Plus, you kinda have two iPad Mini’s. Will the Mini die? No. There’s plenty of people that hate the iPhone and love and have the iPad (Mini). Mine will now be less used, though.

The cons? It’s quite slippery. I use it with both hands, like an iPad, but when I do go one-handed… it almost feels like it's designed to slip out of your hand. Like holding a fish, or that tube water balloon toy thing we had as kids. Remember that water balloon tube/worm/snake thing? Now we all know that iPhones (phones in general) get a case. After much reading and video watching over a week’s time, I opted for Apple’s leather case. I hate cases… hate them. I never had one on my 4S for 3 years and it’s fine. I used Apple’s bumper for a bit - but that’s it. It’s survived rigorous usage and 2 kids. Apple’s leather case is supposed to be really good and I have no issues with it so far.

Final thoughts? Finally I feel like I have a computer in my pocket. I can’t begin to tell you how much of a real statement that is and how important to me that is. Due to work, I can be considered a "power user" of my iPhone. I LIVE off of it now than ever, as me being mobile is more important now than ever. I can stop lugging my Mac Book Air, iPad, and iPhone around in half of my mobile situations. That itself is worth the upgrade - to have a computer in your pocket with seemingly desktop speeds. Also, I LITERALLY feel like I’m holding magic in my hands. I remember feeling this way back in 2007 the 1st iPhones came out. It was like a magic portal of information in your hands… and it’s like that all over again.
Matt....GREAT review!! Thanks!!
Yeah....the 802.11ac Wi-Fi was a real "deal-sealer" for me......I'm using an Asus RT-AC68R router with a Zoom 5341J modem on Comcast's Extreme 150/20 tier.....and I consistently get 130-140Mbps down and 22-24Mbps up, using the 5 GHz network (more along ~ 65-70Mbps down/15-18Mbps up on 2.4 GHz.....)!!
As for size.......since I wear jeans nearly all the time I knew the 5.5" was gonna be too snug to be comfortable for me, so i opted for the 4.7".....Still happy, though.....and the new iPad Air 2 looks promising.......;)