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My IPhone 5 Siri is not working without headset .


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Feb 13, 2017
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Dear Friends, i found receiver mic which is installed near front camera is not working. please guide me if i replaced it or repair it is my siri would be work? Guide me

If it's working with headsets, clean the headset port. Debris might make your device "think" it's constantly connected to headphones.
Also, use a soft clean brush and clean the charging port, do this cautiously.

Make sure volume is not set to silent, and take a look at the side switch next to the volume buttons. If you see the orange part, it's muted.

If nothing helps, contact Apple Support, or take your iPhone to an Apple Retail Store.
Dear J, Thanks for the quick response

Actually all parts cleaned and chargingport is cleaned but front camera mic is dead what should i do i am electronic engineer i can repair it myself