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Music sync'd to my iPhone, but in iTunes no music selected


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Jan 19, 2011
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Ok, can someone explain this to me?

I have an iPhone 5S. Sync'd to iTunes. iTunes Match and Show All Music in the Music settings turned off. Show all Music, iTunes Match, and Music auto download turned off in the iTunes and App Store settings.

I went into iTunes and unchecked sync music, thereby deleting all music from the device.

Yet when I go into the Music app I still have 7 songs there. They are in my iTunes, but they are my wife's songs, I hate them and don't want them on my phone.

It's not a huge deal, but it's irritating to me because I don't understand why they are on there after I specifically said I don't want music on there. (I'm going to eventually put my music back ON, I just temporarily deleted all music to try to troubleshoot why these random songs were popping up when I shuffled all songs on my iPhone in my car - I listen to electronic dance music like progressive and dubstep, and then some random stupid song from Tinie Tempah pops up in my playlist).
Make sure the AppleID on iTunes matches your AppleID and that it's not your wife's AppleID on iTunes.
We only have one apple ID.