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Munster: AirPods Will be Bigger Than Apple Watch, Apple Glasses Coming in 2020


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Jun 18, 2010
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AirPods set to be bigger than Apple Watch according to Munster.JPG

MacRumors writes that venture capitalist and former analyst Gene Munster has said that Apple’s AirPods will be “bigger than the Apple Watch” over the next 10 years.

Although AirPods sell for $159, much less than even the cheapest Apple Watch at $269, Munster says that AirPods will contribute “about the same amount of revenue” as the Apple Watch by Apple’s 2022 fiscal year. Munster also predicts that by 2022 AirPods will cost $200 on average, as they will be moving away from “simple wireless headphones” to a wearable, augmented audio device.”

In the same report, Munster also said that his “best guess is that Apple Glasses, an AR-focused wearable, will be released mid FY20.” He bases his prediction on the big investment Apple is currently making in AR, citing ARKit and the acquisition of SensoMotoric Instruments in particular. Munster thinks that Apple sees the future of AR “as a combination of the iPhone and some form of a wearable.”

Source: Gene Munster Predicts Apple Will Eventually Earn More From AirPods Than Apple Watch