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Moving Icons


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Nov 2, 2010
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Hello all. I'm a new iPhone user. I have the iPhone 4. I just figured out how to move my icons around, but I'm having trouble moving icons from the second page to the first. I can move icons right all day. I can not get a single one to move left at all, no matter which page I'm on. Can anyone help me with this?
ive found the iphone 4 to be harder to move left than previous iphones may just be me though.

When i keep my finger on the icon until it wobbles i have to almost slide my finger off of the screen to move left. being at the edge isnt enough i have to have half my finger off the screen. try that if it doesnt work try restoring your phone.
Thanks Gary. I'll give that a try. Could you give me a quick explanation on the restore steps? Thanks again for your help.