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Moving from T-Mobile to ATT for I-Phone


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Jul 11, 2010
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May be some one can help me..I was using my Dad's T-Mobile account for last 3 months. LAst month I changed the account name from My dad to my name. Now I am facinated with I-Phone so did a pre-order. My phone is arriving on 13th. I am wondering if I can cancel my t-mobile account or not. My dad started his contract on Feb 2010, I moved to my name in June, My contract started from June. I am ready to Pay ETF if it is <150. do you guys know if ETF for a Android T-mobile account is >150 ? or can I use my current start date to cancel my account since it is < 30 days.. Any help /suggestions
They are about to come out with an unlock for the iphone 4 so if you really want to you can stay but otherwise it would prolly cost 200 to cancel
Thanks. Since my contract start date is 6/21, Will I be considered with in 28 day cancellation policy ? If Not I will pay that $200 I guess. Can I keep the android phone if I pay ETF ? I am planning to sell it in Ebay if I can to recapture my losses.
Yes the phone is yours and you can do whatever you want with it.