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Mic and Speaker switcharoo.


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Jun 29, 2010
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Hey guys, first time poster but what does that matter let's get to the point of the thread:

So, I noticed that on the iPhone 4 the speaker and mic on the bottom are switched from the placement of the other iPhones; I found this out while trying to use Ocarina, which of course didn't work because I was blowing at the speaker like a crazy person.

How do you feel about the switch? Had you even noticed it? I personally am a little annoyed by it, I was very used to holding my phone in certain ways as to get better sound out of the speaker so now I end up just covering it up by accident. Either way, I'll have to get used to it for now but let me know your thoughts.

I kinda like the change. When holding it in the palm of my right hand with my pinki finger under the bottom I found I covered the speaker.... I wonder what the real reason apple switched it for.
The bottom mic placement hasn't made a noticable difference to me, but I wonder if it has anything to do with the dual mics now on the phone. The iP4 now has a cancellation mic like the Nexus one and it's next to the ear plug.