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Mega Balut for iPad is an intelligent Classic Three Dice Games in one App


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Sep 10, 2010
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Dice game is always fun and intellect skill game to play. And Mega Balut is new three in one dice game with lots of added features for your entertainment. Mega Balut is an addicting game that will definitely catch your attention.

You have a option to go for 5 dice, 52 rounds and 13 different categories OR 6 rounds and 6 additional categories OR 5 dice, 60 rounds and 15 additional categories.

In each game you will find different exciting categories for which you need apply logic. Use your skills to score maximum number of points in each category.

Found this game cool and amazing. Enjoying when waiting metro or something like that, what about you guys?

So start playing Mega Balut on your iPad and explore the fun with dice game.