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MagSafe chargers


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Oct 28, 2023
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Just wondering if the MagSafe charger is safe to use with my 15 Pro Max?
It is perfectly safe to use with your iPhone 15 Pro Max. Magnets located under the back glass hold the MagSafe charger in position while charging.
Just wondering if the MagSafe charger is safe to use with my 15 Pro Max?
Hey welcome to the forum my friend.. are you using any magsafe chargers? Or looking to buy some? I have a few all over the house lol and I have one on the car vent mount..
Thank you for asking, bk. Well, first of all, I made the switch so that my wife and I each had the same phone. With that being said, so far it seems like a great phone. Better than my former P7 Pro…too soon to tell. First impressions. I don’t believe that the stock keyboard is as intuitive or feature rich as Gboard, but I’m learning how to navigate it. Regarding individual notification volumes, the iPhone doesn’t have options to have different volume levels for call volume, ring tone, message, alarms, etc, like the P7 Pro and other android phones. Not sure why that is. Apple Car Play works well. Battery life is very good so far. Haven’t taken many photos or video yet to compare. No real regrets so far. If I notice anything else I’ll let you know.
@kmf1 I definitely like Gboard over stock on Android but it's not as good if I use it on iOS from past experiences but would need to test it out again to see if it changed ..it would be nice to have split volumes I concur..
I wanted a MagSafe charger for my new car and new iPhone15 Pro, but wanted to keep it well away from the temptation to use it whilst driving. So I bought a good (cheap) vent mount from Amazon, and using a MagSafe charging disc I already had, modified it to take the disc and power it from a usb car charger in the cubby.
Works a treat, and the phone and mount have really strong magnets and are really secure. Now I can keep an eye on my speed camera app running on my phone with no temptation to touch the phone, a real no-no here in the UK If you value your licence.
Looks like a great and smart setup. Good for you, Aerofly! Thanks!!