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LiveScore app: network problems?


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Jan 5, 2012
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LiveScore is an app which provides to-the-minute live sports scores. A range of sports is provided, such as football (soccer), rugby and cricket.

It requires wifi or 3G connection to work.

However, when I opened LiveScore just now to check some sports scores, the app could open up fine, but told me there there were network problems and the scores were not able to load. It told me to try reloading, but this was to no avail. Usually when i have such network issues with LiveScore and I reload again, it works fine.

The last time I had opened LiveScore was during the weekend, and it had worked without problems.

My mail, facebook app and Safari are able to connect to my internet network without any problems. It is only LiveScore that isn't working.

Usually when I have problems with any one of my apps, a Respiring of my device will fix these problems. However it did not work this time round.

Could it be because too many people were accessing LiveScore?

Does anyone else have LiveScore installed? Are you experiencing such issues? Would you know how such issues can be fixed?

Help would be appreciated, please. I rely on LiveScore a lot to check up sports scores...


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Mar 18, 2012
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You can try it by Deleting this App and then reinstalling it.. Then see what happens.