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Letterman Pokes Fun at iPhone 4 Woes


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Jun 18, 2010
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For those suffering from bad reception and overall disappointment at the way Apple has handled the iPhone 4 antenna furore, it's certainly no joke, but sometimes you just gotta laugh or you'll cry, and now it seems as if the situation has got so out of control that it has achieved the ultimate comedic accolade of being the subject of a David Letterman Top Ten List.

In case you didn’t see it last night, Wired has all the gory details including a video of the Top Ten, which it has to be said is pretty funny. I won’t spoil it for you, but as Wired says, the best bit is actually prior to the Top Ten when Letterman is setting it up by saying that there’s a problem with the iPhone 4, namely “they don’t like to be held, like my first wife!” Other than that one, the next best line just has to be, “Only accepts calls from Mel Gibson.” Now that’s what you call kiling two birds with one stone!

Source: Wired
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