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Sony Ridicules iPhone Games in Ad


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Jun 18, 2010
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Mobile Entertainment reports today on an new PSP TV ad from Sony that makes fun of the iPhone as, wait for it, and make sure you’re sitting down, A GAMING DEVICE! Hilarious, isn’t it?! The ad shows famous PSP fan Marcus Rivers taunting an iPhone owner and saying that the iPhone isn’t for “big boy games” it’s only for doing stuff like texting your grandma, unlike the PSP which is all about the “big boy” games, I presume. So I guess that means that John Carmack, the man responsible for some of the greatest hardcore shooters on this planet, such as Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake, doesn’t make “big boy” games then? Maybe we were all dreaming last week when we saw that awesome tech demo of Rage, one of the most anticipated console shooters of all time, appearing on the iPhone 4 before any other console?

Even Duke Nukem is on the iPhone, for goodness sakes! Try telling Duke Nukem he’s not a “big boy” and you’ll be wearing your face on the other end of your body as quick as you can say “come get some!” And yes I know Duke Nukem isn’t real!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Sony and I totally love my PSP, I still play it all the time, but this ad is laughable and not in a good way! And yes I know the ad is supposed to make iPhone gamers mad anyway, so I guess it’s doing its job just as intended!

Source: Mobile Entertainment
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