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Jawbone or other???


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Dec 17, 2010
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Hi guys, just joined ur forum so a big hello to all. Hav my iPhone 4 a while now (and loving it) and have been using the Jawbone Noiseassassin (I think that's the correct name) but the battery life has become so poor it only lasts about an hour then it starts beeping in my ear to inform me the battery is low. I would like to buy the new Jabone Icon but hear it doesn't work 2 well with the iPhone 4 & don't fancy wasting more money as this is my 2nd Jawbone and the first done the exact same thing. I'd like some feedback from u guys about the Jawbone Icon or any other bluetooth headsets u's can recommend :)
p.s apologies in advance but I dont understand the "tags" thing, so can some1 please explain???"

I can't help you with the powerpacks as I don't use them, but I've herd good things about the morphi juce pack? Something like that anyway.

As for the tags. They are just keywords you can put in to describe the thread you are writing so that it is easier for others to find it when using the search function. For example for this thread you could of had;

Hello, Jawbone, Powerpack, Bluetooth etc. I think you can put up to five...