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itunes - icloud question


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Oct 24, 2013
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First post, hey everyone. Just took a 5s out of the box after being an android guy since the beginning. I'm a little lost.

I bought two, one for me one for my wife. The guy at verizon put the same itunes account on both our phones in the itunes and icloud settings. This was brutal as in the first hour out of the store text messages to me were going to both, apps were downloading to both, etc... you know the drill. I went in and created an itunes acct for me, then changed the icloud and itunes on my phone to my new acct and left hers on her acct. Problem solved i think.

My question is, I want all the music from her Itunes acct. That is where I have been downloading music to for years on our computer. When I went in to put her acct info on my itunes settings (leaving icloud on mine) it took it but said that it will be 90 days before music downloaded on another device will show up. So, will it actually show up in 90 days? Is there a better way to do this? Merge the acct's?

Sorry for the ramble. Thanks for the response.

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