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Aug 9, 2010
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I tried searching but couldn't find a thread related...

I'm syncing my iPhone on 2 PCs (work & home). I followed this:
andrewgrant. org /2008/03/30/how-to-sync-an-iphone-with-two-or-more-computers.html

to be able to sync multiple PCs. But I just noticed it was written in 2008, so maybe that's the problem...

Anyways my issue:
I download apps, example: Chase Mobile, at my home PC. Sync to iPhone just fine.

Come to work and plug in my iPhone and the app isn't on the work PC/iTunes so when it syncs it removes the app from the iPhone instead of copying it from the iPhone (like it does if you download direct off your iPhone App Store).

I have iTunes set so I can access apps on 2 PCs. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any advice/help you can give.
Yes, I have. Also, in my account info under Computer Authorizations, it states 2 machines are authorized.