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It's killing me


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Oct 13, 2010
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I've been a lover of Iphone since it came out - all versions and now 4
However, I'm having LOTS of problems.
1. Call drop out even with new case
2. Auto goes to face time
3. Auto goes to mute
4. Auto goes to speaker
5. When speaking to a person, numbers start being punched without notice

HELP - I've already had a replacement - they said it was the proximity sensor - replacement does the same

Bob From Australia
Have u upgraded to the latest firmware? 4.1

That was meant to deal with some of those issues.

If you've had a replacement and it's still doing the same then it would appear your cursed.
Sorry to hear that buddy I'm from Australia as well have not had one issue with mine brought from Vodaphone. Who's your provider?
Yes, it's been upgraded to firmware 4.1
I'm with Telstra but its not a drop out problem
Once more back to the apple store
I got mine 2 weeks ago and I am on Optus network Perth OZ, up to now the phone seems to be working like a charm, bluetooth, WIFI, calls etc.
Return the dam thing and get a new one. I have returned 3 iphones 3gs, before I got the one that actually did work!