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iPod - dont mute/pause when calls/texts come in ...How do I do this


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Dec 13, 2010
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How do I stop the iPod from muting or pausing when a call or text comes in?

I am fine with it popping up on the screen, but I dont want it to stop or mute my music?

Any way to achieve this on the iPhone 4?
so u want ur music to play while ur phone is ringing at the same time? o_O
sorry but thats just weird lol
it resumes after the call is ended. as for text, it only stops for lik a 1 second and it resumes on its own.
I dont want the iPhone to ring while the music is playing - I just want it to not mute the music. So flashing on the screen a call is coming is fine.

Also, I dont want to go to airplane mode to stop it, as I would never get the call or text.

Is a way I want the music/ipod (when on) to take precedence over a text or phone call.

Visually let me know a call is coming but not cut or mute the music. Vibrating is ok too.

I don't think there is a way. If you don't want to answer a call and want the iPod to resume playing while it's still ringing just press the sleep button and it will cancel the call without the caller knowing...
Thanks for the thoughts... I have thought of doing what you said as well as Airplane mode - but I was hoping the call could just show on the screen without the music muting. I have tried to turn off ringer and even vibrate on silent - all still mute's the music. Just hoping one of you MacGenius' would have the answer. Still Hoping...
Wouldn't use airplane mode. I think what I said is the best your going to get unless there's some sort of jailbreak app out there. You defiantly won't get a non jailbroken phone to do it...
yea im sure u cant disable the incoming phone call. i mean like its probably a safetey feature. what if ur listening to music and ur phone is in ur pocket, and someone calls and its an emergency? u wouldnt know about the phone call.

best bet is to put it in airplane mode when listening to music.