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iPod Dock


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Jul 25, 2010
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North East, UK
Ok guys, I'm new to apple products so if this is a dump question please excuse my stupidness. My girlfriend bout me a cd player for xmas which also has an ipod dock. Ive never used it koz ive never had a iPod, Iphone etc... Seen as thou i got a iphone i can make use of it. The problem is, is that it says its not compatible. I can use the music features but sometimes it seems to charge and other times it says it cant. This is like wise i bought a 'non' apple usb lead just to charge with and this is not compatible. First question is why? and the second is, is there a solution to the cd player and ipod dock.


Some of the older docks/charging cables don't have enough power to charge the iPhone. So thats why you get the message. Most times the audio docks will still play music but wont charge.
Cheers bud. I can't understand it thou koz sometimes it charges thou. If you wiggle it it sometime charges as well.
I wouldnt mind if i didnt charge. It just keeps coming up with a message saying i wont charge. Is there an option on the phone to stop charging
there are ebay iphone 4 docks, im not sure how they are but there probally cheap and crappy.