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iPhoneForums.net is Having an iPhone 6 Accessories from Amazon Contest!

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Jul 27, 2011
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We are so excited about the new software upgrade for iPhoneforums.net, we decided to have a contest to commemorate the event! With all of the excitement building for the iPhone 6 release (probably on September 9th), we thought it would be appropriate to have an iPhone 6 accessories contest.

Since there are a limited amount of iPhone 6 accessory options right now, we realized it would be best to offer an Amazon gift card that users could use after the launch of the iPhone 6. This contest will give away a $50 dollar Amazon gift card. Of course, you can use it either for iPhone 6 accessories later this year, or for whatever you desire on Amazon.

To enter the contest is very simple:
  • You just need to post in this thread (once) and let us know if you plan on getting the new iPhone 6 or are going to wait and keep what you have.
  • The winner will be chosen at random on August 14th from all of the entries.
  • If you attempt to enter the contest more than once you will be disqualified.
  • Please note that we can determine if you have created a separate login, so don't try to cheat.
This way, not only do we get to have a cool contest, we also get to gauge member interest in the new iPhone 6!

As always, thank you guys for spending your time at iPhoneforums.net!
I just got my 5s last November on a 2 year Verizon contract, so I'll be sitting this one out. Looking forward to the iPhone 7 though! :)

I could use a $50.00 Amazon card. Who wouldn't? :D
I would like to get the new iPhone on release day, but I'll probably have to wait a while.
My work pays for my phone and service since I'm on call 24/7/365 so they'll let me get the new iPhone 6 when it's out, but I'll wait to see the size options, if there are any. I don't need a small tablet as a phone. I like the size of my 5 just fine, thanks. :)
I plan to get the iPhone 6 as soon as it's released. I currently own an iPhone 5S and these devices are simply amazing!
I would like to get the new iphone when released, albeit later than the big carriers as I'm on a regional carrier. I set myself up with my upgrades to be able to get a new phone each year as the upgrades between 2 of the three lines are a year apart.
Will get new Iphone 6 as soon as it hits local markets
I will be on the phone ordering mine as soon as its possible.....This is the most excited i have been about an upcoming iPhone.
My 5S is still well under its 2 year contract, so I'll have to wait awhile...maybe the 6S.
I plan to give my iPhone 5 to my wife (she still uses a 4) and get a new 4.7" iPhone 6. Don't want the 5.5". Too big for my pocket. Actually, the 4" on my iPhone 5 is just about perfect. If I want to use a big screen, then I use my iPad 4.

What do you guys think about Walmart's Straighttalk? $45 per mo. for unlimited voice, text and data. If you go over 2GB of data (which I rarely do), then it throttles you back to 3G. It uses Verizon LTE towers. ST is half the cost of Verizon, and VZW kills you if you go over 2GB.
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If the 6 is available around the time of my next upgrade I will definitely go for it. That being said, if I have to buy all new cords and chargers again I will probably just stay with the 5.
iPhone 5s contract expires on 04/15. Works just fine for me
I bought my iPhone 5 last August. I'm definitely interested in what the 6 has to offer, and will consider giving myself an early college graduation gift, since I graduate in December. ;)
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