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The Winner of the 'Size it up! iPhone 6 Photo Contest' is....

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Jul 27, 2011
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The "Size it up! iPhone 6 Photo Contest" is now over, and while we didn't get a huge volume of entries, we were very pleased with the several entries we received. It was a hard choice to pick between the excellent entries, but the final decision was a unanimous vote amongst your humble HQ staff.

And, the Winner is.... Skyenet with the outstanding Classic Coke Glass Next to the iPhone 6! We loved the blend of pairing something with iconic old-school overtones next to the iconic new-world styling of Apple's iPhone! It also didn't hurt that the picture was very professional looking with solid lighting and great setting/staging balance.


Kudos Skyenet! We will be in contact with you shortly to get your $50 iTunes gift card prize winnings to you!

Thanks for participating everyone!
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Awesome picture Skyenet!
I loved this one the second I saw it. Nicely done, skyenet
Very cool, congrats Skyenet!
Was well chuffed to win this contest and will put the $50 prize to good use purchasing new Apps for my iPhone 6 Plus. Thanks for all the kind comments :)
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