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iPhone6 adding favorites

Susan Ott

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Nov 23, 2014
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I just got my iPhone 6 two days ago. It is OX8.11. I'm doing pretty well with it, but I'm having a little trouble entering favorites data.
I imported my iMac contact list into the phone. I pressed the phone symbol and pressed Favorites, which brought up the favorites page. I then tapped on some contact names; they came up but the only choices to save were Facetime and Facetime audio. The option for simple voice phone was not an option.

My Contacts often have two numbers. Is that the problem? How can I access the voice phone option?
Try adding them to your Favorites in the Contacts tab in the Phone app. When you tap a contact there, you can add it to your favorites as well. The option is a little bit below the telephone number.

Is it possible you have double entries for some contacts? One with the phone number, and one with email addresses? Two ore more telephone numbers don't matter when you want to add them as favorite. All you have to do then is select the telephone number which you'd like to add as favorite.