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iPhone5S Alarm fades out after 1 second


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Aug 12, 2015
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I recently got a replacement iPhone 5S (my old one got water damage). My alarm tone on the clock app fades out after 1 second or so. This only happens when the screen is locked. This never happened on my old phone. i reset the phone to factory and that fixed it for one day only. I checked my do not disturb settings, the only thing that is on is the repeated calls. Under the silence settings, the "only while iPhone is locked" is checked. I have searched the internet for possible reasons for this and can't seem to find anything. Can someone please help?

Software version: 8.4


Welcome to iPhoneForums, brinkdogg!

No idea what exactly you tried, or what you've looked at, so here's a suggestion:
Go to Settings - Notifications - Phone. Enable "Show on Lock Screen", in case it's disabled.

Did you also try resetting all settings? (Settings - General - Reset). This will set your iPhone's settings back to default, so you'd have to take a look at every setting afterwards and select what you prefer.

If you didn't use iTunes (computer) to set it back to factory settings, try this as well. Make sure there's a most recent backup. Connect your device to the computer, restore it and set it up as new. Maybe that will help.