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iPhone4 and Bluetooth Use


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Nov 21, 2010
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Hi! I am a new iPhone4 user (although I did have an iPhone 3G) and have run into a strange issue with my Bluetooth. Even when my Bluetooth is connected to the phone, I cannot get the sound from a video or movie to the Bluetooth! I did not have this issue with my previous iPhone.

I love my iPhone and all of my Mac computers and gadgets, but am kind of a novice about using them. Just kind of bumble my way through. When I discovered this site, I thought maybe I can finally get some help with my phone issue.

Would welcome any suggestions! My Bluetooth is a Sound ID 510.
My SoundID 510 is working fine on my iphone4 w/ movies, etc. I can't remember if I did a firmware update, so you mant to check that. You may want to put the iphone app on the phone, also if you haven't. I find it helpful w/ battery checker, etc.