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iPhone top seller at Verizon for the 2012 Q1


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Jul 27, 2011
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With the next generation iPhone safely announced and presumed to be on its way, you’d think that people would abstain from buying a new Apple smartphone until the new one is out of the oven. But we guessed wrong.

In its latest earnings call, the carrier Verizon Wireless posted its Q1 of 2012 earnings and surprise, surprise, the iPhone accounts for 3.2 million activations. It’s not as much as in the iconic holiday quarter of 2011, when Apple’s revenue skyrocketed, and Verizon activated 4.3 million iPhones but it is still very respectable.

“Verizon reported sales of 6.3 million smartphones during the first quarter, meaning that the iPhone continues to represent just over half of the carrier’s smartphone business. But Verizon is continuing to shift the focus of its data highlights toward its 4G LTE network, with the carrier noting that it sold 2.9 million LTE devices during the quarter. 4G LTE users now make up 9.1% of Verizon’s wireless user base.”

It’s true Samsung, HTC and Sony have all spawned countless Google Android models on the market offering a lot of diversity in choice but the iOS devices still somehow manage to remain the alpha male of the pack.

by Radu

Source: iPhone Again Represents Over Half of Verizon's Smartphone Sales in 1Q 2012 - Mac Rumors

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