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Apple Expected to Have Sold Around 35 Million iPhones in Q1


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Jun 18, 2010
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Fortune’s Philip Elmer-DeWitt has a very informative round up today of the best estimates and predictions for Apple’s soon-to-be-announced iPhone sales figures for Q1. Elmer-DeWitt says that he has polled 48 analysts, with an even split between professional and independent analysts, with the result being that projections from the independent analysts have been more “out on a limb” than those of the professionals. Of the latter, Elmer-DeWitt says that the 24 Wall Street analysts polled have gone as high as 33.1 million units sold (Pacific Crest’s Andy Hargreaves), and as low as 26 million units sold (Deutsche Bank’s Chris Whitmore and the ISI Group’s Brian Marshall). The Wall Street analysts' figures for iPhone units sold by Apple in Q1 average out at 30.5 million, which if it were to prove to be an accurate projection, would represent a year-over-year unit sales increase of 63.8%, according to Elmer-DeWitt.

As for the independent analysts, which comprise various bloggers, Apple enthusiasts and individual investors, their average estimate is 37.2 million units sold, which would represent an increase of 99.9% from the same period last year. Finally, Elmer-DeWitt has averaged the projections of the six analysts who have proved to have made the most accurate estimates over the past five quarters, and that figure rounds out at 35.1 million units, which would represent an increase of 88.5% year over year. We’ll have to wait just over a week until April 24 for Apple to report on its earnings for the quarter and find out who came closest this time.

Source: How many iPhones did Apple sell last quarter? - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech

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