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iPhone Still Leading the Smartphone Race


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Jun 18, 2010
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MacWorld reports today on a new Nielsen Company survey that has the iPhone still winning the smartphone battle against the likes of the BlackBerry. In the poll, which was compiled in November, the iPhone comes out on top with 28.6 percent of the smartphone market share, with BlackBerry close behind at 26.1 percent and Android in third at 25.8 percent. Nielsen points out that the BlackBerry’s share is within the margin of error of both Apple and Android, and says that although Apple is clearly dominating Android, in terms of the overall smartphone race, it’s “too close to call.”

Interestingly enough, the figures for recent sales show that when it comes to smartphone sales in the past six months, Android has a 40.8 percent share of the market, representing a continued increase since June, the iPhone is holding steady at 26.9 percent, and the BlackBerry is bringing up the rear at 19.2 percent, which, MacWorld points out, would indicate that the Android is biting chunks out of the BlackBerry’s market share rather than the iPhone.

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