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IPhone Resets Communication from Server


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Apr 1, 2014
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I have a simple html page to open an mp4 (h.264) file. When I open the html page on my IPhone, the video file will not download.

I use Wireshark to see the http/tcp requests between the IPhone and the server. I see the IPhone request the mp4 and then I see the server send a "200 OK" response and then start to send the file. Soon after the server starts to send the file, the IPhone sends a "reset" request which stops the sending of the file.

Any ideas why the IPhone would reset the communication and stop the file from being sent? I have no problems opening video files on Android devices and pcs.

Here is an image of my Wireshark capture if anyone is interested. I clearly shows the reset from the IPhone.

In the image below, 205.196 is the IPhone and 199.185 is the server.


Here is the simple html that I used.