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Create File Server on IPhone


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Apr 1, 2014
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I'm talking about a file server that is to be used only locally on the IPhone. Here's the story.

We currently have a proprietary file server written in C++ that runs on Windows. This server simply logs people on, presents a course and then based on learner actions, presents different parts of the course and/or grades tests. It also tracks results.

We want to recreate this server on mobile devices (IPhone) such that a person on the IPhone could take one of our courses. Probably, we would have an app that simply contains the course content. The app would start the server and the server would pull the content from the app or from a location on the IPhone's hard drive. The course would be presented in HTML5 within a browser on the IPhone. The app may have it's own browser or would open one for the server to utilize.

My question, is, "Is it possible to do what we hope to do as stated above?".

Thanks for any responses.