iPhone repairer hacked phone?

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    Hi all,

    Yesterday my partner brought my spare iPhone to a one man phone repair shop, to fix a stuck power button.
    He asked for the security code to get past the lock screen and my partner did not think before he gave it to him.
    An hour later he picked up the phone and was told all that was wrong was some dirt under the button.
    However, in this time two app were installed, but Chinese names, and safari has a whole list of Chinese links in favourites. Obviously to fix a button this guy did not need to get past the lock screen in the first place, and all these downloaded things are making me worried there is malware on the device.
    I have told my partner to change all his passwords but not sure if we should take any further steps. Should we buy a new phone instead?

    Any help or advice would be much appreciated!!
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    Have him erase the iPhone and set it up from a backup made before the repair. That's the only way to be absolutely sure that anything put on that iphone is eliminated. You should also have him change his Apple ID, iCloud ID, and possibly his email address. That dodgy repair person will have all of those.
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