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iPhone Manual Backup: Please Help


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Oct 14, 2011
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Hey I'm wondering if anyone can help me,

I own an iPhone 4 that was most recently running iOS 5 smoothly. Recently however, I put the phone into DFU mode and when attempting to restore found that my most recent backup was gone. As I'm running Windows 7 I checked the back up location on my C Drive. To cut this story short, I found that I had manually deleted (what I currently believe to be, although I'm not sure) my most recent iPhone back up. I moved this backup folder from the recycle bin into the correct location manually.

There are now three backups in the appropriate folder on my C drive, one of which is this manually added folder (hopefully my most recent iPhone backup). However despite having restarted my computer several times, iTunes is still only showing two of the three backups that are in the location stored on my C. Does anyone know how I can prompt iTunes to find more backups that are in the same location? Or refresh the information it is reading? I can't find any option anywhere, I really need some help.

Much appreciated,
If you need any more information please do ask,