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iPhone helps old guy with bad eyes

Rick Ornberg

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Jun 17, 2010
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On a recent trip to Menards, I brought a small bulb from an overhead fan light so I could buy the right replacement. Once at the store, I could not read the teeny-tiny type on the bulb for the right voltage and wattage no matter how hard I squinted through my glasses, adjusted for the lighting, etc. I was about to give up and call for some younger help, and then thought about my iPhone. I pulled out the phone, carefully took a photo of the area with the microscopic type and then zoomed in on the resulting photo. Voila! All perfectly readable.

Heck, I might use the same technique to read the fine print on my next contract when I switch to Verizon!!
Is there a magnifying glass app yet? I think that would be a pretty cool use of the camera.