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Oct 23, 2010
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Hi i'm new to this forum but not the Iphone, I have a Iphone 3g now and with the new update 4.1 my phone runs very, very ,very slow. I'm looking at getting a Iphone 4 but i'm not due for an upgrade yet, so I have to buy one out right, so if any one now's where I can get one for around 400 or 450 I'm in. Also is the Iphone 4 much better the the older ones. I use my Iphone ever day at work and the battery sucks on my phone. I have to charge it 2 to 3 times a day. Also I would like a white one but can't find one any where for under 800.00 dollars, sorry but I dont want one that bad, any help would be appreciated . Scotty :iphone4vert:
Hi i got the iphone 4 3months about and it is by far a better phone ,i had the normal iphone 3g before this and like you said the battery is really terrible and i agree.
If you get the iphone 4 u wont be disapointed as the battery is so much better,and the software in the phone loads things alot quicker too,i play games on it all the time and the graphic are awsome,and i think i only charge it every other day sometimes 2days which i think is pretty good.
Oh and the camera i think is a real bonus great pics as its HD brilliant.

My hubby bought me mine as i was already on a contract and i think he payed £499 from apple.
Your cant get the white iphone at the moment as apple are having problems getting the colour right apparently, but to be honest i think the black one looks more classy as the white does look cheap.

Hope this has helped you what i have said and go for the iphone 4 it is awsome and i wouldnt got back to the 3g now no way even if i broke my iphone 4.

If you need anymore advice email instead of being on here i find it easier.

[email protected]

Good Luck
agrees with the second post, you wont be disappointed at all. the iphone 3g does not handle the 4.XX update at all well, in fact apple did not want to put it on the iphone 3g and they where right not to want to because its so slowwwwwwwww.

i thought in the us even with out contract the iphone 4 was 600USD or there abouts? if not you can go to canada where its sim free for around that price?

and just to add 499 is british pounds for the 16gb so when you convert that to usd you get 782.607 USD add another 100 for the 32GB version and its the same price as the us. but the us its locked to att and the uk its factory unlocked but i imagine its still more then you want to pay.

best bet is to look to buying it from canada or to wait for the iphone 5 and your contract to run out, this july there will be another iphone any way.
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