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iPhone Battery Cases


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Feb 7, 2022
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Hello alltogether!

I am new here and have a special question.

I recently bought an iPhone SE 2020 and would like to add a battery case.

I have seen the original one from Apple which is more expensive and has not so much capacity.

On the other side, I have seen other with up to 6000 mAh capacity like these:

One of them is even providing wireless charging (which is not a must have, but a nice to have for me).

Now, I have heard that other battery cases than the apple's original one damage the iPhone in the long run.

1) Is this true? If yes, do all other battery cases do so or just some (and which can be recommended then) ?

2) If they damage it, which kind of damage would be done? Could it be repaired if I, for example, replace the iPhones battery after 2 years? Or is the "damage" negligible?

Thanks for helping me with the decision.

Best regards.