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iPhone App Helps Rescue Lost Boat


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Jun 18, 2010
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BBC News in the UK reports today that an iPhone app has come to the rescue of a ship in distress off the coast of Northern Ireland. A motor cruiser, called The Wee Rascal, put out a distress call in the early hours of Sunday morning, asking for emergency assistance due to the bad weather. However, the boat was not carrying any flares, flashlights or VHF radio, making it almost impossible to locate. When the Enniskillen RNLI and Erne Coastguard Rescue Team failed to find any trace of the boat, the Belfast coastguard tried using a locator iPhone app which enabled them to pinpoint the vessel's latitude and longitude. The boat was then easily located, drifting dangerously close to rocks, and lead away to safety. Coastguard Watch Manager Steven Carson told the BBC that the boat and its occupants were rescued by "a combination of luck and technology."

Unfortunately the BBC report doesn't mention the app's name, otherwise we'd give it a name check! It's possible that it's the 99 cents app called Anchors Aweigh (pictured), but that's just a guess.

Source: BBC News