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iPhone Address Book dead lines


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Sep 9, 2012
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My address book on both iPhone and iPad is littered with entries where the device has duplicated the address - sometimes addresses are in there three and four times. I can delete the duplicates, but they gradually creep back.

I also have contacts where there are large gaps in the addresses as displayed. When I edit those, I find "Street", greyed out, in the blank lines. I can't find a way to delete those blank lines. I’ve added a pic of a typical address below.

I suspect the blank lines are connected with the duplicated addresses (addresses with no blank lines don't get duplicated), but I can't find out how to clear the blanks, other than by typing the whole lot in again (and life's too short for that).

Can anyone suggest a solution? I've tried Google, but that points me at solutions to duplicated contacts, not duplicated addresses and lines within contacts.


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