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iPhone 6 plus performance against iphone 6

Kevin smith

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Sep 16, 2014
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This might be a stupid question but given the iphone 6 plus screen is large will this adversely effect the CPU thus making the iphone 6 slightly faster? I do recall that something similar effected the IPad 3 the first retina iPad didn't have a significant speed boast as the the CPU needed to work harder.

Any thoughts?
I can see this being a very minor issue, I don't think the resolution increase is big enough to make a substantial difference though.
This is a useless thread.
I am going to own both, wife gets 6 due to she does not want the big phone and I get the 6+.
There is going to be no noticeable difference at all, I don't care what the tests say it may be if anything at all 1-2% difference, and that is NOTHING WE WILL SEE or feel.
Let's hope not. I'm sure apple designed the new chips to power though the needs of the interface. Now, the real question is what about games? I'm not a gamer so I don't worry too much, but it is possible that a game which really pushes the silicon could result in slower (slightly slower for sure) performance due to the larger number of pixels it needs to push around.

I remember that the Retina mini was clocked slightly slower than the Air last year since it was smaller and didn't have a much metal to help with cooling. It could be that the 6+ will be clocked a bit higher than the 6 for the same reason, but we don't know for sure until the devices hit the street.
I heard that there is no difference in CPU performance between the two. The battery life however, is going to be better with the Plus.
I've got the iPhone 6 and the signal is much better than the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 6 holds on to 3g and 4g much better than iPhone 5s,
It is not a useless thread at all. I own a 6 plus and personally overwhelmed with how fast it is. Battery way is far better than my iPhone 5. It is too early for other comparisons
iPhone 6+ is way to big for one handed operation, unless you have hands like a gorilla,
I don't consider myself to have small hands and I've had to relearn how to use one handed operation with the 6 Plus. I would say it's on the verge of being a two hand device for the most part. The battery life on the 6 Plus is WAY better than that of the old 4s that I had.