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iPhone 6 iOS 9.1 Facebook app videos not playing


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Oct 24, 2015
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I just bought my iPhone from the UK and started downloading my apps. I downloaded Facebook app and when I opened it I noticed that videos hang while loading! 99% of the videos won't play so I tried to ask a friend of mine that also has an iPhone 6 if they are working and they are! Now, since we both have the same device and OS I figured it might be my device or some settings that cause this! Tried resetting to factory settings and reinstalling but no luck! Tried adding as DNS but still no luck!

Please help me!

P.s. I had an iPhone 4s so when I used my apple account and opened the AppStore the app had the cloud image instead of the download button in case that could mean something!
I found this in FB Help
"You can't upload videos to Facebook from your mobile web browser. Videos can be uploaded from a computer or the Facebook app for iPhone, iPad and Android"
"If you're having trouble viewing videos on your phone, make sure your phone is able to play videos. If your phone doesn't support videos it will show a thumbnail but won't play."

"If you're still having trouble viewing or playing videos, please let us know. "

Try that link.
I also found this on the Help page for the Facebook IOS app, see the photo.
Thank you for taking the time to reply.

The articles you sent me talk more about how to upload than play videos.

Any idea on why mine just hang?
Click the link at the bottom of my first post, it's in red.
The cloud button instead of the download button just means that you've already purchased that app, and don't need to do this again.
The app will appear in your Updates tab in App Store, in Purchased.

Did you try playing videos in YouTube, e.g.? If so: did it work?
Maybe the internet connection is too slow, and that's why they don't play.
Bear: tried the link and filed a report!

J A: Videos are playing on YouTube etc. also, some of the videos (like 1%) are playing fine in FB app too..

Any other ideas?
After 3 days of exhausting debugging I located the issue! It seems that some ips do not do well in loading FB videos thus I had to contact my isp to change my ip and it seems to be working now!

Thanks for all the help!!