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Iphone 5S: Water damage to LCD and hardware problems


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Oct 26, 2014
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Alright, so long story short I dropped my Iphone 5S in the toilet. Luckily, it had an otterbox case on. Unluckily, the case still allowed water in. So, in a panicked frenzy I got the phone out of the case and got out a bag and filled it with rice. But before putting the iphone I opened it up by taking the two screws out and popping the the screen off from the bottom with a suction cup. It popped off and snapped the flex cable between the fingerprint scanner/home button. I stuck the whole thing in a bag of rice. At this point, the LCD had a little bit of water damage to it in the upper left corner. As of now, the main screen is completely off and the device still powers and is recognized by my computer; but attaching the LCD display does nothing.
TL;DR: Snapped the flex cable between the home button and the motherboard. LCD screen shows up as nothing. As of now, its removed with all three of the connectors popped off. The device is still recognized by my computer and I can sync it and view my photos on my DCIM.
So my question is, what is causing my LCD screen to be unresponsive? Does the home button have to be connected in order for the device to 'power on' the screen? At this point, Apple store will not do anything for me because its clear as day I have opened the device, seeing as the flex cable is cut. Also, the phone only buzzes every 2-3 seconds when plugged into power.
I greatly appreciate all the help anyone can give me, thanks.